So Jam Good Subscription

Do you LOVE our fresh, amazing jam but you are just too dang busy to order it and go get it? 

 Guess what???  We have the answer!  

A Yearly So Jam Good Subscription!  


So convenient!  Now you don’t have to think about ordering (or picking up your jam!).  Great for busy people and families or AWESOME gifts (cute gift certificates available).  



  • YOU CHOOSE among our delicious Flavors: Strawberry, Strawberry-raspberry, Peach-strawberry, Raspberry-peach, and other seasonal flavors we will let you know about.  You can always add on more jars as needed.  

  • Choice of 2 delivery or pick up days every month (or every other month).  

  • Choose to be reminded and updated by email and/or text.  

  • Sales for one year subscription only available from November 1, 2019-Dec. 31, 2019, so act now!

  • You can choose when you want your subscription or gift subscription to begin between the above dates.

Choose a Jam Good Option:


JAM LOVERS: 2 jars of flavors you choose every month (or more upon request)

  • JAM: 2 jars delivered (for a small fee) or free pick up every month (24 total for the year)

  • COST: For a 1 year subscription: $16 per month totaling $192 (FREE local pickup or $4 delivery fee within 15 miles of 92127)

  • One time payment and get jam the rest of the year! 



SO JAM YUM: 1 jar of a flavor you choose a month (average)

  • JAM: 1 jar delivered per month average (12 total or more upon request)

  • COST: For a 1 year subscription: $8 per month totaling $96 for a year (Only $5 LOCAL DELIVERY every other month) within 15 miles of 92127

  • Delivery schedule: 2 jars every other month (can refrigerate for a month or freeze for up to a year



  • Extra jam (only pay the cost of the jam $8 per jar)

  • Other extras available as announced


Is store-bought jam cheaper?  Well, yes, BUT it doesn't taste SO JAM GOOD!  AND ours has NO artificial preservatives or corn syrup or things you can’t pronounce like those store-bought options.  You can know that you are feeding you and your loved ones delicious, all natural, mouth-watering jam made with love!

How to order:  Go to the "shop" section and click on the subscription option desired.  Make sure to add delivery or pick up option (free pick up or small fee for delivery within 15 miles of 92127).  After you order, you will get an email with details.  You can choose when you would like to start your subscription (no later than January, 2020).  Every month, you can choose your flavors, delivery date, and add-ons.  SIMPLE!  Ready?  Order now!  Sales run from November 1, 2019-January 1, 2020.  Yay!